ice机摩人 冰淇淋机

ice机摩人 冰淇淋机

Ice cream machine


A product driven by the new retail industry, an unmanned ice cream machine.


Customized design according to personal taste. Bring people freshly made, fresh, silky ice cream.


The overall design adopts an innovative layout to rationalize the refrigeration module and the storage plan of fresh milk. The appearance is designed with a narrower front ratio, which is convenient to place in public places such as convenience stores, occupying the same area and arranging more products.


The appearance design adopts a soft running shape, and the curved surface is comfortable and natural, which is more in line with the product attributes. The shell part adopts plastic splicing to reduce mold cost and facilitate transportation and assembly. Flexible advertising screens are convenient for merchants to choose and customize, and bring more advertising revenue.

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